Nursing / feeding & babywearing.
Where I show breastfeeding you can apply the same technique when bottlefeeding.

FWCC Tied at Shoulder + nursing / feeding

(breast)feeding in a long woven wrap: Front Wrap Cross Carry tied at shoulder with a slipknot Easy to reposition for…

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Front Reinforced Torso Carry (FRTR) with a flipped back

One shouldered carry with a woven wrap You can use a base-2 or base-3 wrap (In my case a size…

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Seated Sideways front carry

Positioning seated sideways. front double hammock with a long (base size) woven wrap. wrap: Kaya Dandelions Great carry for nursing,…

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Ringsling front carry – rings on the back (+nursing)

Frontcarry with a ringsling, positioning the rings on your back+ nursing in the ringsling Ringsling: Didymos / Tragenetzwerk

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FWCC + nursing upright

A quick way to reposition your child for nursing in a front wrap cross carry Wrap: didymos lisca rainbow

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Nursing in a short woven wrap

Seated sideways, nursing in a shorty carry with a slipknot Wrap: Solnce Size 3 (base-3)

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Ringsling with rings on the back

Wearing a ringsling with the rings on the back. Great choice if the rings close to your child’s face bother…

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Front Double Hammock + ring (+ nursing)

Frontcarry with a slingring and a short or mid-length wrap. + how to adjust for nursing

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Full Buckle frontcarry

Frontcarry with a full buckle carrier + feeding in the carrier

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Longsling (XXL ringsling)

Front/offcenter carry with an extra long ringsling + nursing Ringsling: Wildbloom

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